We are living in difficult times and witnessing unraveled changes. COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting just about every aspect of ordinary life - and exercise routines are no exception.

Face covers or face masks have become the new norm. In a recent interview with 21WFMJ a local station in Niles, Ohio, ONYX  Health Club 24/7 President, Emil Gamidov says “We understand the importance of wearing a mask out in the public, but when you are performing physical activity, in which your heart rate rises beyond normal and your body is demanding more oxygen, we leave it up to the members to make that decision”.

At ONYX we understand how exhausting it could be for a member to wear a mask while exercising. We are also following all CDC guidelines and mandates. Wearing a damp mask may cause difficulty in breathing so at ONYX it is not mandatory to wear a mask.

Isn’t that a relief in the mid of chaos?

Emil further says “we are keeping the social distancing still in mind and want out members to feel safe when they walk into the gym”

We have created a bigger space between the machines and marked out each workout space so that everyone knows to stay 6 feet apart.During all this chaos we are still growing and improving our clubs. With the recent investment in brand new Matrix spinning bikes and a 12 stack cross cable machine, you can find everything you need at ONYX.

Also for anyone who brings a competitor’s membership key card to their nearest ONYX Health Club 24/7 at the point of enrollment, we will give you a credit of $100 dollars towards your ONYX membership!

No matter what the situation or scenario is, we need to keep moving forward and the most important thing in this day and age is to stay healthy.Stop in at your local ONYX today and get back in the gym with no restrictions!To watch the interview Click on the link below:


📢Disclaimer:We are not responsible for canceling your competitor’s membership. You shall contact your current fitness provider to cancel any current memberships and subscriptions.

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