Fitness and training are the two buzzwords post the COVID-19 crisis. The need to stay healthy has forced people to add a workout regime to their everyday routine. However, there lies a small problem here. And in fact, this is a problem that keeps rising every now and then. Training alone is really boring and one reason why people avoid the thought of working out. It is a common tendency that people lose out of motivation and stop working out when they are all alone. For people who haven't been in the habit training, such workout sessions are extremely inconvenient and this is where the idea of small group training peep in. As the name suggests, small group training is a custom-fit fitness training model where a bunch of people in number 3-5 joins together to exercise and workout. Unlike the traditional one-to-one training models where a personal trainer is assigned to the client and the two engage, small group training present the opportunity for multiple people to club together. What's best about this type of training is that they are economical and that they add to the training experience gained by the clients. To help you understand better, let's drive a difference between personal training and small group training sessions. One-to-one Training vs Small Group Training In the simplest sense, small group training involves a fitness trainer along with three to four participants working out together in a single session. This cuts down the total spends and makes the entire session competitive and engaging. Small group training boosts the morale of the people and motivates them to push harder. On the flip side, personal training sessions are one-to-one sessions where there are a single trainer and one client. This is more of dedicated training where the client can leverage the expertise of the coach. Such training models are at times, passionless and dull. People tend to run out of dedication and commitment, and stop working out. Not to forget the fact that these are utterly expensive and primarily meant for the people who are into sports and fitness.About Small Group Trainings Having said the above, it is pretty obvious that small group training is imaginative and engaging. Keeping this as our core of the discussion, we know detail you the framework of the small group training and how do these benefit us? Program Length and Framework Talking about the length of the small group training, they last for four to six weeks depending upon the trainer and the participants. Also, it depends upon the workout plan created by the trainer. For example, a trainer can have a 7-week training program or a marathon training session. Both of these would last for different timelines with different goals. The size of the small group training programs is more than one and less than four. Meaning that these lie between the one-to-one personal training sessions and the traditional group sessions. The size again would be the choice of the trainer. Whether he/she wishes to have a group of five or more. Precisely, the small training sessions could be created around three different models.

  • Equipment Based Training: For individuals who prefer a certain type of training or one that involves specific equipment, these are the best investment. For example, some people prefer kettlebells are the core workout equipment, or a few find suspension training the best. Adhering to the type of equipment, trainers conduct small group training programs.
  • Outcome-Based Training: These are designed to meet an end goal. It could either be losing weight or building muscles or getting fit.
  • Skill Based Training: Training that involves expertise in a certain skill falls under skill-based training. It could be a marathon or a triathlon or any championship, the skill-specific training is tailored to meet a particular result.

Benefits of Small Group Trainings Now that you are well aware of the size and the framework of the small group training, let's uncover the advantages of being part of such a training session.

  • Extended Personal Attention

In comparison to the traditional group training sessions where an instructor guides 5-50 people together, the SGTs account for extra attention from the trainer. The number of people here is less than four which makes it easier for the coach to personally assist the participants and guide them to do better.

  • Budget-Friendly

For people who find group training sessions ineffective and the personal training modules cost consuming, small group training sessions are the best fit. What demarcates the small group training sessions from the traditional ones is that people here are limited. This adds to the attention span the trainer has on the person. They can personally oversee how individuals within the group are working out. And all of this at a price lesser than personal training sessions.

  • Open doors for Camaraderie

One of the prime reasons why people stop working out is they find it boring and full when they do it alone. Contrarily, when you work out in groups, there arises a sense of competition within all. People are motivated to do better and do it together. This creates a positive environment, boosting their urge to work out and get healthy. It is a known fact that people love to do things together. Similar is the case with workouts. Having a workout partner makes the entire process fun and loving.

  • Highly Focused

Remember the last time you were working out with a group of 30 odd people. How was your dedication then? Did you not skip the third set of the fourth workout? You did right? Would you be able to do this when in a small group training? Apparently not! And this is one of the reasons why people prefer smaller group training. Such sessions prevent you from wandering around or missing out on any plan.

  • Boosts Encouragement

Training sessions when done in smaller groups create a positive environment where everyone is boosting the morale of their partner and encouraging them to complete the set. A friendly and supportive environment brings out the best, turning out the entire process intimidating and enjoyable. Even though there lies a sense of competition amongst all, it is friendly and meant to push them to work harder.

  • Increases Accountability

The benefits of working out with a partner or in smaller groups aren't limited to exercising or training. Rather, it extends beyond that, moving up to the bars of accountability. What this implies is that when working in smaller groups, people consider them accountable for every activity. Starting with following a diet plan to showing up every day, everything happens in sync, leading to better results.

  • Greater Adherence

Workouts are the most effective when done regularly and without breaks. Where a one-to-one program or a personal training regime is more like a one-time thing, small group training call for adherence. Considering the fact that experience drawn by the people part of the training sessions is of optimal quality, they are more likely to come back or renew their subscription. This is a win-win for both the trainer and the client. Where people will now be more concerned about their health, trainers would get an opportunity to present their knowledge, train and educate people on a personal level. Finding the best small group training programs In search of a small group training program? You will find plenty of them. Nearly every fitness organization today offers the ease of custom-fit training sessions to its subscribers. However, not all are the same or render effective results. It is best to do a background check on the previous training sessions, analyze the results, and then sign up for the same. If you aren't sure how here are a few tips that will help you make the best decision.

  • Outline your requirements: The first thing to do is sketch out your needs. Whether you wish to have a goal-oriented training program or equipment based or anything else. Determine what you need from the program.
  • Search for SGT programs: Once you know what is your ultimate goal, search for similar programs available or upcoming. Select 2-3 programs for your perusal.
  • Know about the trainer: After you have listed out the different programs, learn more about the trainer, his previous sessions, and the feedback is given to the same. This will help you pick the best.
  • Visit and Decide: Before making the final call, personally visit the trainer, talk about the program, and then go ahead to decide which training module would be best for you.

Conclusion Staying fit and healthy are the two most important things and it is important for everyone to adhere to the above. Different fitness organizations have different ways of operating. Small training programs are a sweet spot and when executed in the right way, renders the best results. If you are someone looking for a fun and engaging way of working out, small group training would fit your needs well and even map your bill.

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