Are you ready for this year's Turkey Trot? Founded in 1981 Hermes is known as Northeast Ohio's premier sport and events management company. Hermes manages and produces programs in support of hundreds of local and national businesses. The name Hermes comes from Greek mythology meaning "the winged-footed messenger god". Hermes appreciates the value of teamwork and also the value between event sponsors and participants. Neal Neroni is Herme's fearless leader and president of the company. He's dedicated to athletes also worked on hundreds of events over the years bring communities together in the Northeast Ohio area.

Onyx Health Club is known for it's dedication to helping individuals reach their health and wellness goals. We pride ourselves on helping those individuals achieve every single one of their goals. We are with them every step of the way. This year Onyx Health Club will be sponsoring a Cleveland tradition, The Turkey Trot. Looking for an affordable way to get involved with your local community? Look no further. The turkey Trot is a way to come together with friends and family also celebrate health and wellness all in one place. We have different events for everyone wanting to participate! We have the 5 mile, 5K, 1 mile walk, virtual 5 mile, and virtual 5K as our events this year. We couldn't be more thrilled to be apart of these events this year! So grab your favorite running shoes and your favorite running partner and meet us in Cleveland! We can't wait to see you all there!


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Exciting News!
ONYX Twinsburg Grand Opening Event & VIP
Ralph Gracie Seminar!
Come join us on the big day & register for the seminar below.
Seminar tickets are $75 for the 1st 100 attendees and $100 for the next 100. Only 200 tickets available!
Twinsburg Grand Opening - January 10th (5-9pm)
Ralph Gracie Seminar - January 10th (6:30-8:30pm)

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