Most Americans know exercise is beneficial, but most don't realize how it can effectively change our lives. We all know we should exercise and the benefits from it yet, we neglect to do it. Did you know that only 20% of Americans get the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity every week? I'm here to share some surprising benefits of exercise and hopefully help change your mind about why it's so important to incorporate exercise into your weekly routine.

Exercise does amazing things for your brain! It's a proven fact that exercise changes the function and structure of the brain. When your heart rate accelerates more, oxygen flows to the brain. The increased oxygen levels aids in the release of hormones that helps with the growth of brain cells. Exercise can help with depression. Exercise increases the production of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Serotonin and dopamine are the two hormones the contribute to your mood. Exercise can also contribute to sharper concentration and healthy memory function. Did you know that the easiest way to delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease is to incorporate exercise into your daily routine? If you haven't joined your local Onyx Health Club yet, now is the perfect time to stop into your closest facility and join today! Trust me; you'll thank me later.

Have you suffered from any major illnesses in the past, or faster way to help with recovery? Look no, further exercise is your answer! For example, let's look at diabetes. Routine exercise can assist the body in managing glucose levels more effectively to lower blood sugar levels. Not only that, exercise can lower your risk of heart disease as well. It can increase blood flow, help clear bacteria out of your airways, cause a brief elevation in body temperature that may be protective, strengthen antibodies to help fight infection, and reduce stress hormones. Exercise also assists immune cells to be more effective. Here at Onyx Health Club, we offer group classes in our gym. You aren't alone in this many are others just like you in your community looking to be involved in their local Onyx gym. Having a community helps you stay motivated also an effective way to get involved and stay healthy.

Did you know when your body needs extra energy, it begins burning fat? When we set aside time in our busy day to exercise, we are not only shrinking our fat cells, but we're gaining muscle. Exercises such as cycling, walking, or running are great examples of cardio exercises that can assist in weight loss and burn fat. Daily exercise can also help reduce high blood pressure. It's a win-win! Sometimes lack of motivation to exercise can leave us feeling hopeless. At Onyx Health Club, we have certified personal trainers ready to work alongside you every step of the way! 

So with that said, what excuse do you have not to exercise? I could go on and on and give you countless reasons why exercise is beneficial. Our health is a huge priority for most people. Let's start by taking action and setting aside time every day to exercise!

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