The year 2020 might have started well but the ongoing months haven't turned up as expected. The sudden exposure of the coronavirus forced people to completely shut their operations and stay behind doors for an indefinite period. Mass closure of stores, migrating to the remote work culture, and practicing the norms of social distancing, the repercussions of the pandemic has been huge and unavoidable. Amidst all of the mess, people across the globe have been grappling to maintain a work-life balance. Yea, you heard that right. True that the standard norm of work-life balance traces back to the lifestyle when people would work in offices. However, the crisis also calls for the need to maintain a balance between their work and leisure activities. And the inability to do so accounts for stress and other health-related issues experienced by everyone around us. Further, the fact that staying at home has reduced physical activities, healthcare experts suggest that people should spend time working out and exercising each day. To put it this way, one must indulge in indoor physical activities which primarily constitute yoga, home workouts, and mediation. Staying healthy is of paramount importance and hence, the need to add a workout regime to your everyday routine.In case you are still skeptical about working out during the crisis and would prefer staying away, here are a few reasons that would help you decide better. Five Reasons Why You Should Workout During COVID-19?

  • To Boost Immunity

A lot has been said and heard about immunity during the COVID-19 situation. This could be attributed to the fact that the deadly virus is more likely to hit people with a poor immune system. Whether you are a growing kid or in your teens, an adult, or aged, immunity doesn't vary with age. Meaning that it is important for everyone to indulge in some kind of physical activity. A study conducted by David Nieman, a professor in the department of biology at Appalachian State University and director of the University's Human Performance Laboratory, states that a human body has a minimal amount of immune cells flowing through the blood. The majority of these are found in the lymphoid tissues. When a person exercises (could be acute and one that lasts for 30 minutes or less), the circulation of lymph cells increases dramatically. This alternatively pushes the immune cells and activates them to flow across the body. Once these cells are up and running, the immunity strength of the human rises, increasing the ability to fight the deadly virus. Exercising here could be anything from brisk walking to working out in moderate amounts. You can sign up for virtual classes or at-home workouts to get started with the process without much hassle.

  • To Reduce Mental Stress and Anxiety

In uncertain times such as these, humans have been long exposed to conditions that affect their mental health. Moving to the remote work culture might have curbed the stress of workplace closures but that's not it. The crisis and increasing fatalities have left everyone devastated and in a state of distress. Survival has become a challenge and the only way to deal with such stress and anxiety is exercising. In biological terms, exercising increases the blood flow which in turn releases endorphins. These are the natural painkillers and has the potential to subside stress level, boosting your mood. True that some of you might relate exercising with stashing down your waistline or trimming that extra but, it has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye. Certain experiments suggest that exercising cures moderate depression and in fact, it is as effective as the drugs given for the same. The difference here lies in the fact that contrary to the medicines, the former doesn't impose any side-effects. Regularly working out releases a series of chemicals within the brain which can further, normalize the stress-boosting hormones, helping you stay calm and quiet. Physical activities are hard on the outside but they have a soothing effect on the brain.

  • To Improve Sleep

Getting good quality sleep is extremely important and it gives your body the time to recover, repair, and regenerate muscles. However, with so much happening around you, having a sound sleep seems cliched, right? However, if you fail to get a decent sleep, you would soon end up being unhealthy and seriously ill. You must get good quality sleep to remain healthy and happy. This is where working outcomes into the picture. In the simplest sense, you would consider that working out tends to strain out your energy, you get tired and fall off to sleep. And that's true but partially. Exercising increases the temperature of the body and once you are done, the temperature slows down, inducing a feeling of well being.One of the prime reasons why people find it hard to sleep is because they have a saturated mind. Working out helps you deal with mental stress and anxiety and this ultimately, helps you get better sleep.

  • Eliminate the Risk of Health Issues

It is not the virus that is life-threatening. Staying at home and not indulging in any kind of physical activity paves ways for a series of health issues. From diabetes to heart attack, the current times don't fail to go hard on human life. Following regular workout regimes are an excellent way to keep oneself physically fit and mentally fine. It also reduces the risk of getting exposed to diseases such as TYPE-II Diabetes and heart attacks. While this might not sound relevant, but the fact is that life is extremely fragile, and failing to take care of your body will have an impending impact. How To Start Working Out? Now that you are well aware of the perks of working out during the crisis, let's walk down a few ways using which you can get started with the same.

  • Create your workout routine

If you are someone who has been hitting the gym before the crisis, you might have an idea about the different types of exercises and the way they are done. The best here would be to draft out your workout regime, depending upon your experience. You can always refer to online sources for additional support and guidance.

  • Opt For Virtual Classes

For people who haven't been into the tradition of exercising regularly or have a minimal idea about the same, signing up for online workouts or the instructor-led virtual classes is the best way out. Working out without guidance could be dangerous and do more bad than good. There are tons of fitness organizations offering various workout routines and live classes. Be part of such groups to benefit from the same.

  • Sign Up For A Personal Trainer

If you are among those who would prefer a one-to-one session, opt for online personal trainers. These people will guide you throughout the process and help you get fit and reduce fat at the same time. Again, you will find multiple trainers offering a range of sessions and at various prices. Talk to them, understand what they offer and whether it is something that you would prefer doing. Once you are sure, go ahead to start your online workout sessions. Few Workout Tips Having said all of the above, here are a few things that you should keep in mind when working out.

  • Follow routines and never exert too much. Remember that as much as exercising benefits you, doing too much would have a negative impact.
  • Stretching is a must. When working out under the guidance of a trainer, follow their instructions. However, if you have prepared a routine for yourself or referring online videos to workout, never skip warmups. It could be as simple as stretching or as tough as a squat. Either be the case, warm-ups are a must or you will end up hurting yourself.
  • Stay Hydrated: Another important thing to do is to keep yourself hydrated. Have your water just beside while working out and never miss out on taking a sip as and when needed.

Remember, you don't need equipment to get in shape or at least workout in moderate amounts. Even a small initiative would. All you need to do is take the first step and get started. The Final Word Even though warding off the idea to indulge in at-home workouts might tempt you, it is the need of the hour. The crisis has both mental and physical effects, disrupting the everyday routine. Adding workout routines within the same will help you start your day well and in a positive manner. What's best here is to look out for online sessions and the virtual classes, to kickstart your workout journey. Not only would this give you the added benefit of being guided by an expert but the thought of showing up for the classes with help you build the habit of exercising. And of course, you keep your immune levels strong, combating the threat of deadly coronavirus.

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