3 of the Most Popular Workout Activities and Their Alternatives

One of the best ways to have or keep a healthy body is to work out. So what does it mean to work out? A workout is a set of physical activities that specifically strengthens a particular area or part of the body. Regularly practicing these exercises will provide the best results in time. 

You can try several kinds of workouts, each with a different way of execution. Each of these workouts requires specific environments, equipment, and time needed to execute it. But while there are specific workout routines suitable for you, there are times when you may not have the budget, equipment, or time for it.

I am here to help you conquer your goals with some of the most popular workout activities and their alternatives that you could do instead.


Weightlifting is a workout that several people love. As the name suggests, it involves lifting equipment of a specific weight. About 30% of American adults engage in muscle-building exercises, weightlifting included.

Some of the reasons people practice weightlifting are building muscle and strengthening the bones and joints. More benefits include reduced body fat, improved endurance, and improved cardiovascular health. Staying consistent can lead to overall better physical performance and more. 

Various equipment used for weightlifting might include barbells, dumbbells, racks, and training ropes. Typically you can find these items at any gym. However, you may also purchase them for personal use as you can easily do the workout at home.
Although many can quickly do this, weight lifting may not be for everyone.  

One common reason is not having the time to hit the gym. Maybe, you considered turning the empty room into a home gym but could not afford the necessary equipment?  My alternative, bodyweight exercises. These are exercises employing body weight as a means of resistance.

One of the best examples of bodyweight exercises is push-ups. Push-ups involve lifting your body weight while maintaining core balance. It aims to strengthen your upper body, as well as to build endurance. Meanwhile, squats are your best option if you want to do something about your lower half. It strengthens your lower muscles and joints, and even the hips.

Alternatively, if you have no issue with lifting weights, you could make do-with similarly heavy objects like items that you can lift without a problem. Make sure these objects are manageable and easy to grip to lessen muscle strain.


Another popular fitness activity for many is running. In contrast to weightlifting, which keeps you in one place, running may take you from one place to another. People tend to run either for fitness or sport. Regardless, if done regularly, it has several benefits for the body.

There are about 50 million Americans who practice running or jogging. It is undeniable that one of the main reasons people run is to lose weight. It is an exercise that helps burn the calories gained by consuming food, lessening the body fat stored in the body. Other benefits include stronger bones and muscles, improved cardiovascular health, and stress relief.

All you have to do is, run. But how long and often should you do so? According to the World Health Organization, adults should do moderate to intense physical activity for 150 to 300 minutes a week, which translates to 30 minutes per day and five minutes a week. As great as it is, you may not want to do running or jogging exercises, or the weather is unpleasant.

The solution for this is using a treadmill. Running does not have to be an outdoor activity. You can use a treadmill at your local gym or purchase one for your home. 

Things like speeds, incline/decline, and other functions vary depending on the manufacturer. I strongly recommend looking up a detailed treadmill walkthrough. And if you don’t want to run or jog, you can always opt for walks or try hiking if you want an outdoor cardio activity that isn’t running.

Other alternatives you could do are those that count as sports such as cycling and swimming. Cycling is an aerobic activity that involves biking, and you can use either your bicycle or an indoor bike at gyms to do it. On the other hand, if you have a pool, you can opt for swimming, another cardiovascular activity that gives the same benefits as running.


A workout activity that is seen as trendy nowadays is Pilates, and for a good reason. Unlike the previous two cardio-focused workouts, Pilates is concerned with your core strength, posture, and flexibility. In other words, it improves your body in terms of movement, balance, and endurance. As of 2018, there were about 9 million individuals doing pilates training,

What makes Pilates appealing? One of its qualities is that you can practice it just about anywhere, from your home to a public space to a gym. All you need to do is allow some space then you are good to go. Another one is that anyone can practice Pilates. It does not necessarily require full-body movement, only focus. Additionally, you can have a custom exercise that specifically helps you.

Although Pilates focuses on your core, flexibility, and overall range of motion, you may use several different types of equipment. Such as a Pilates mat, Pilates bands, and Pilates reformer. However, you could work out just fine with no equipment, as your exercises may not require such. You will know which exercises work best for you through attending classes or getting a personal trainer. You can also help yourself to instructional videos.

Pilates has a variety of exercises you can do, so if you can’t take classes or hit the gym, you can look up and try to do simple at-home exercises on your own. Something similar to Pilates and a great alternative is Yoga. Yoga will improve flexibility, balance, and breathing.

There are many different exercises you can try. They usually have equally effective alternatives. As a reminder, before engaging in any workout routine, it is best to do a little research to avoid injury and select workout activities to your convenience and liking.

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