ONYX Health Club 24/7's Yoga for Athletes applies emphasis on form, focus & breathing techniques which in turn make you a superior athlete. Yoga for Athletes increases mental acuity and is culminated with physical training. All of which translates into increased sport-specific athletic gains for what you enjoy doing the most.

An ONYX group class instructor and expert in Yoga for Athletes will be guiding you every step of the way helping you to increase your range of motion, flexibility, stability, and balance. You will learn techniques that will help reduce recovery time and your overall risk of obtaining an injury as well as much more.

The Benefits of ONYX's Yoga for Athletes Group Class

  • Helps by Improving Balance
  • Increases Core Strength & Flexibility
  • Increases Agility & Overall Strength
  • Helps to Prevent Injury
  • Aids in Speedy Recovery
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