ONYX Health Club 24/7's Core & Booty Group Class has been created for participants who would like to sculpt their core & booty into amazing shape. It is also designed to provide a total-body workout and focused on key muscle groups.

ONYX's Core and Booty program also focuses on the cardiovascular and strength aspect of fitness. The overall goal is to burn calories, reduce excess body weight, improve cardiovascular endurance and increase lean muscle mass. Several of the exercises require you to maintain a specific posture, conditioning the core muscles of the body while other muscle groups are being exercised. You will be lead throughout the entire duration by a professional ONYX group class instructor who will ensure that you are staying in form.

Performing squats primarily focuses on the booty and legs. Core & booty group class is a solid full-body workout. ONYX group classes create efficient use of your time and help you maximize your gains. This allows you to complete an exercise routine that will promote effective weight loss, improved cardiovascular endurance, increased lean muscle tissue and improved coordination and balance.

There are many other benefits of our Core & Booty Group Class, which includes the improvement of your overall mental health. It has long been known that consistent aerobic exercise can help reduce high blood pressure, hypertension, stress and even depression-related symptoms. Working out (especially in the Core & Booty Group Class) will release tons of endorphins, which will increase your mood.

The Benefits of ONYX's Core & Booty Group Class

  • Shape the key parts of your body
  • Gain fundamental strength
  • Improve functional movement
  • Increase body coordination
  • Group training pushes you to new heights
  • Group class instructor ensures your form is perfect
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Exciting News!
Couch to 5K Program
Sep 26
Nov 24

The Couch to 5K Program that will prepare you for the 2022 ONYX Cleveland Turkey Trot!

About this event

The best weather for running is right around the corner! With fall, comes cool air, beautiful scenery, and the 2022 ONYX Cleveland Turkey Trot! In preparation for this nostalgic tradition, ONYX is providing a Couch to 5K program to prep for the Thanksgiving run!

Starting September 26th, all participants will be emailed the running program and will keep track on Trainerize, a fitness app provided at sign-up.

$5 to participate. Anyone who completes the program and runs the 2022 ONYX Cleveland Turkey Trot will be entered in a drawing to win the cash pot. The more people to enter, the bigger the cash prize!!

GROUP RUNS: ONYX will be hosting group runs. Locations and dates to be announced after registration.

2022 ONYX Cleveland Turkey Trot
Nov 24
Nov 24

Thanksgiving morning – Thursday, November 24

  • Race day packet pickup and registration begins at 7:00AM and closes at 9:15AM sharp
  • 1-Mile fun walk begins at 8:45AM
  • 5-Mile and 5K chip-timed runs begin at 9:30 AM

For more information, call (216) 623-9933 or email

ONYX Twinsburg Grand Opening Event & VIP
Ralph Gracie Seminar!
Come join us on the big day & register for the seminar below.
Seminar tickets are $75 for the 1st 100 attendees and $100 for the next 100. Only 200 tickets available!
Twinsburg Grand Opening - January 10th (5-9pm)
Ralph Gracie Seminar - January 10th (6:30-8:30pm)

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