Group Fitness Training in Ohio

Working out alone or 1-on-1 isn't for everyone, and we get that.

That's why we offer a variety of group training classes, available in 4 tiers so you can feel comfortable working out with people with the same experience and fitness level as you. Plus, working in a group can give you the extra push or motivation you need. Lead by one of our certified personal trainers, they give you personalized attention while keeping the group active.

Our personal trainers ensure a safer, more efficient, and more effective workout while helping you with your posture and alignment. Exercise requires a honed technique to avoid injury and to achieve desired results. We want you to feel comfortable at all times and will work with any past injuries or health concerns you may have. 

Make lifelong friends while you become the best version of yourself today!

Don't Want To Train Alone?


ONYX Health Club 24/7’s group training gets your motivated with the crowd.  ONYX offers industry leading personal trainers.   Personal training is comprised of 4-Tiers, based on your experience and fitness level. Each tier includes some of the industry’s most talented and committed personal trainers.

ONYX Group Training takes the lone wolf aspect of 1-on-1 and provides you with the same personalized workouts and individual attention mitigated in a group setting.  Group trainers will ensure that your workout is matched to your skill level and that you’re getting the maximum results during your group session.

During group training, you will get  1-on-1 training throughout the session.  Your group trainer will help you with your posture, functionality and alignment. An ONYX certified personal trainer will ensure that your skill level is assessed and pushed accordingly.



  • Anyone who enjoys working out in groups and the camaraderie of everyone around you.
  • Anyone who enjoys being helped by both a personal trainer and others in the group.
  • Anyone who thrives off of others energy and likes giving & receiving motivational support from one another.

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