Cycle with Andy class


ONYX Health Club 24/7’s Cycle with Andy class is a high-intensity stationary bike workout that will get your heart pumping and legs burning.

Cycling with Andy (also known as spinning) is highly organized and will focus primarily on endurance, strength, high intensity, intervals, and recovery. Class participants will be using a stationary exercise bicycle (with the integration of weights or a weighted flywheel). You will feel as if you are flying into downtown Cleveland and pushed faster by the rapid pace of the group and the surround sound speakers urging you on with motivational beats.

The Benefits of ONYX’s Cycle with Andy Group Class

  • Increased Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Increased Muscle Strength & Flexibility
  • Improved Joint Mobility
  • Decreased Stress Levels
  • Improved Posture & Coordination
  • Strengthened Bones & Decreased Body Fat Levels
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