Gym Member Staying Clean At The Gym Amidst the COVID-19 Outbreak

Staying Clean Amidst COVID-19

ONYX is taking extra steps to protect our members from Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, and other illnesses. We pride ourselves on keeping clean facilities - but we are stepping up and enhancing our cleaning and sanitizing procedures, to take a proactive measure to help stop the spread of germs.

While it is mandated for all gyms in the state of Ohio to remain closed as of now, we look forward to the future and continuing to serve our community as the select wellness club in Northeast Ohio.

So what are we doing? We were already practicing daily cleaning to keep our facility spotless but we have new policies in place for our staff and are stocking up on more cleaning supplies.

For the peak of flu season, and amidst growing concern about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are enhancing our cleaning and sanitizing routines. For information about cleaning and disinfecting click here to view the CDC’s website. We do a full sweep of the facility hourly and a deep clean is done at the end of our staff’s shift as well as in the early morning. Our staff is provided with extra anti-bacterial wipes, and we clean the front counter and doorknobs in the facility every half hour, especially during times of busy check-in. On normal days our peak times are early-morning hours and late-afternoon when individuals are getting off work.

Staying Clean At The Gym With A Towel

Upon reopening- We ask our members and any visitors to sanitize before and after the use of any equipment. We also have spray bottles located around our facility that we ask our members to use and wipe down their equipment. Another tip we are encouraging our members to take part in is bringing their own designated work out towel (or old t-shirt!). Sweaty or not, we ask you to create a barrier between your skin and any padding. 

By using a towel you play your part in communal hygiene, be mindful and prevent germs from spreading to others. Before you cover the surfaces you should wipe them off with antibacterial spray (supplied by us) and use the smaller provided gym towels. For good measure, consider carrying a third smaller cooling gym towel for wiping off your own sweat. Ensure this is a good quality towel that’s light and breathable. Also, try and use anti-bacterial quick dry gym towels. Members are also invited to bring their own yoga mats in from home for any classes or group activities we hold. 

“If you are worried about the spread of germs, rest assured the staff at ONYX has it locked down. They are working overtime to make sure the gym and equipment are sanitized and ready for the next member.  Upon arriving this early morning, I was greeted by the overwhelming smell of cleaning products!” - Melissa Jersan

These expected measures are in place for the safety of members, and we are proud to share our approach to COVID-19. After the fog of uncertainty passes, we plan to still have increased cleaning intervals and cleaning scope for our janitorial services and staff, modified cleaning agents to be the most effective in killing bacteria and viruses, and educated staff on the importance of proper cleaning and illness prevention, ensuring all sanitation stations around the gym are restocked.

Additionally and as always, once the clubs are reopened to the public, if you are feeling sick, we encourage and ask you to stay home, the same goes for all of our staff members. ONYX staff and member safety are the top priority.

We love our #ONYXsociety and look forward to seeing you all soon.


Sending love & well wishes,

-ONYX Health Club 24/7

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