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Here at ONYX, we understand the unique challenges facing the special needs community and believe that everyone regardless of their ability level, deserves the chance to create and maintain a life that promotes health, happiness, and wellness of mind and body. We work with our friends at My Choice LLC to encourage this philosophy.

“My Choice is a great place for special needs adults to socialize and make new friends, while creatively learning about ourselves. We begin to understand how our likes and dislikes coincide with the types of jobs we are or are not interested in. We have multiple opportunities to volunteer at various companies and organizations. My Choice staff also take the individuals on fun field trips, teach us different stretches we can do to stay active, and give us different projects to help expand our creativity.” - Deanna [My Choice]

The My Choice team visits our Parma location of ONYX weekly! We empower individuals with developmental and other disabilities to become more physically active and live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Barriers to exercise for people with autism

Often faced with below-average motor skills, many people with autism may have other problems that keep them from getting enough exercise, safety is often the main barrier. According to research by the Interactive Autism Network, nearly half of children with autism spectrum disorders wander or run away, and half of those go missing. Parents and caregivers prefer to keep individuals who wander indoors more often to protect him or her. Thankfully our facility has a massive multifunction room with mat, weights, equipment, and a Certified Personal Trainer in the Room.

Some of our primary goals when group training for special needs individuals are to lose weight, improve stamina, boost socialization and HAVE FUN!


Group sessions are designed to keep energy high and encourage socializing.


Designed specifically for each client, based on his/her individual needs and overall fitness goals.
Alex & Cedric flexing after a workout at ONYX Health Club 24/7

We invite any individual or entire family from any walk of life to come and try out any of our facilities FREE for 14 days! We want you to get a feel for who we are the inclusive culture we proudly promote. Welcome to the #ONYXsociety!

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